Fischer Excursion 88 - BC Ski with Easy Skin Capability - NNN Magnum Manual Binding - 199cm

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Backcountry skiers looking for the benefits of a slightly wider ski have the perfect choice with the Excursion 88. Nordic Rocker, steel edges, and Off-track Crown enable steady progress. Quickly adding Easy Skins flattens out the up-hills.



  • Base / Climbing zone - Sintec
  • Sidecut - 88-68-78
  • Weight/Length - 2.280g / 179cm
  • Speed Grinding - Universal stone grinding for perfect gliding properties in all snow conditions.
  • Nordic Rocker Camber - Slightly opened ski tips for perfect gliding properties in unprepared terrain. Enables lighter turning with less effort.
  • Steel Edge - Narrow steel edge along the entire length of the ski. Guarantees constant edge contact on every surface.
  • Air Tec Steel Edge - Air channels combined with new, very light wood types. Weight-optimised core for steel edge skis.
  • Off-track Crown & Easy Skin - Exclusive climbing system combination for steel edge skis. If Off-track Crown no longer grips in steep terrain, it's time for Fischer Easy Skin. Like a switch-on all wheel drive.


Demo - Skis have been used for one season and are in good condition with minor scratches on top sheet and base