DEMO DPS Pagoda Tour 112 RP with Fritschi Tecton 12 Bindings and Pomoca Skins

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DPS Pagoda Tour 112 RP

The best untracked snow is worth walking for. Long uphills in the traditionally deep climates of Japan or interior British Columbia will become quick ascents, leaving you ample energy for top-to-bottom laps, day after day. Not only will your legs thank you for the energy savings, but your mind will meld with its surroundings during blurringly fast and floaty descents. Transform the skin track into a powder escalator with the award-winning 112 RP shape.


  • 158cm
    • Tip/Waist/Tail - 138/112/122
    • Radius - 15m
    • 1280g
  • 168cm
    • Tip/Waist/Tail -  139/112/124
    • Radius - 15m
    • 1370g
  • 178cm  
    • Tip/Waist/Tail -   140/112/125
    • Radius - 15m
    • 1510g
  • 184cm
    • Tip  /Waist/Tail -   140/112/127
    • Radius - 15m
    • 1590g

Fritschi Tecton 12

Combining the best of both worlds, the Tecton is a lightweight touring binding that performs like an alpine binding on the downhill. By utilizing the pin toe unit of the Vipec bindings, the Tecton remains nimble for the uphill. Tecton’s innovative heel-locking lever provides the serious power transfer and security you’d normally reserve for a heavier binding, while also providing a solid connection from boot to binding to ski. The Tecton also features a lateral safety release that allows it to be set for specific release forces, which adds safety to your backcountry excursions. The easy step-in and the intuitive control provide security, especially in challenging terrain. The right mix of light high-tech synthetics and high-quality metal alloys provides superior stability at a low weight.


  • Alpine heel with Power Rail
  • Defined lateral release in the toe with DIN setting and 13mm of elasticity works in both ski and walk mode for skiing and avalanche safety
  • Frontal release at the heel with 9mm of elasticity
  • Improved step-in function for easy in-and-out
  • Easy switch toe
  • Static, heel-locking lever for added security and safety
  • Three level heel riser
  • Brakes included
  • Micro-adjustable width wings help compatibility with any model tech insert

DPS Pomoca Skins

You know what's easier than cutting skins to fit your skis? Not cutting them! Let DPS do the hard work and pair these mixed mohair skins with your new DPS skis for the perfect fit out of the box. To maximize glide and grip these skins are a 70% mohair/30% nylon mix Pomoca Pro S-Glide skin that show off your love for DPS with great graphics (that you will rarely see since the goal is to be out their skinning up to your next epic objective). Easy on and easy off for quick transitions will become your new mantra due to a phenomenal glue formula that performs well in all conditions. Combined with a waterproof membrane you can feel confident in these skins from the Cold Smoke of Bridger Bowl to the beloved Sierra Cement of Tahoe and the surrounding areas. Set that steep skin track with confidence or go cruise the meadows - as long as you're out there having fun these skins will stick with you. Cut out the guesswork and match the DPS Precut Skins to your sweet new skis!


**demo packages will ship in May