Atomic Backland 107 189cm with G3 Ion 10 - Demo

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The Atomic Backland 107 is a backcountry ski that delivers the best powder performance. It's the widest model in our Backland backcountry ski range - with 107mm waist. Its super lights due to the Carbon Backbone which runs over the entire length of the ski. The ski is built for charging in deep snow and chop with total confidence due to the Powder Rocker (big in the tip and smaller in the tail) and the revolutionary HRZN Tech in the tip for more surface area, giving it even better floatation. With a Full Sidewall it's also smooth and stable on harder terrain.



  • Full Sidewall
  • Ultra Lightweight Woodcore: Made from poplar and caruba - ideal for our powder, all-mountain and freeride touring skis that need to be strong but really light
  • Powder Rocker: 20% Rocker in the tip, 70% Camber underfoot, 10% Rocker in the Tail
  • Carbon Backbone: Ad dynamic carbon insert for our lightweight backcounty skis
  • Dimensions 175cm: 136 / 107 / 123mm   182cm: 137 / 107 / 124mm   189cm: 138 / 107 / 125mm
  • Turning Radius: 175: 17.5m   182: 18.5m   189:19.5m
  • Weight (Indic Ski): 182cm: 1550g




The ION family of bindings is engineered to the highest performance standards. The optimal tow elasticity and forward pressure in the heel result in maximum energy absorption and consistent release during active use. The wide freeride mount transfers power to the edges, enhances torsional rigidity and provides superior pull-out resistance. Rigorous testing in the lab combined with real-work field testing by users pushing the limits on skis help us create the best performing bindings in their class.

G3 started by giving the Ion an adjustable forward-pressure setting, which allows 22mm of adjustment to ensure a super-solid connection between the heel of your boot and the heel piece of the binding, reducing vibration and helping to eliminate chatter. This gives the Ion a smoother, less rattly feel than traditional tech setups and makes sure that it'll release consistently, but only when it's necessary (it's release values run as high as 12, if you're wondering). The mounting pattern is 33% wider than standard tech bindings, as are the toe jaws, making it easier to get power to the edges of wide skis and reducing vibration for a easier, more powerful ride in rugged conditions. G3 even built in a Boot Stop step-in guidance system, which employs two bumpers that let you settle your boot down in the right spot without trying and retract when you click into ski mode to stay out of the way.

The Ion crushes it on the way down, to be sure, but it'd be pretty worthless if it didn't go up like the dickens, too. Luckily it does, with thoughtful features like bi-directional heel rotation—no more forgetting which way is right and which left—and dual Quick-Flick heel lifts that are easy to manipulate with a ski pole. Maybe the best innovations are the toe piece's double snow-clearing channels under the jaws, which let you poke out snow with a ski pole, ensuring that you won't ever accidentally start to ski without the toe pins being fully engaged. The Ion also boasts a fully retracting alpine-style brake for solid and reliable ski-stopping performance for when you do eject.



  • Touring bindings for descent-focused skiers
  • Release values suitable for aggressive skiers
  • QuickFlick heel lifts with bi-directional heel rotation
  • BootStop step-in navigational system reduces fiddle time
  • AFD Anti-Friction Device ensures smooth release
  • Material: Anodized Aluminum, Plastic
  • Release Rating: 5-10
  • Boot Compatibility: Tech
  • Weight: 1 lbs. 4.6oz