DPS Powderworks Pagoda Tour 124 Lotus

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The DPS Powderworks Tour 124 Lotus was first thought of in a dream in the minds of the R&D team at DPS. These dreams of deep snow and big vert is what motivated the DPS team to build the Tour 124 Lotus, and once they saw the finished product they knew that their dreams had become a reality. The Lotus sidecut on this ski was specifically designed for skiing powder; the wide, rockered spoon tip reminiscent of DPS skis past is a time-tested powder-puncher, with just enough underfoot camber to ride out the approach after a day of steep and deep turns.

The Powderworks Special Edition Lotus is unique in that it offers the Lotus design on the Pagoda Tour core instead of the Pagoda core that is standard for these wide skis. The biggest difference in these constructions is the inclusion of aerospace-grade foam found in the Pagoda Tour lineup. This fancy foam improves dampness on cruddy snow while also drastically lightening the load without compromising the downhill quality of the ski.

The Powderworks Tour 124 Lotus is the lightest and highest quality of DPS's wide Lotus series to date. Brand new for the 2021 season, we are extremely excited to bring in the DPS Powderworks Pagoda 124 Lotus so we can share what dreams are made of.


  • 124mm waist delivers buoyancy through snow on the deepest days.
  • Rocker profile keeps tips afloat through fresh, untouched pockets.
  • Wood core is lightweight and responsive for lively turns in powder.
  • Carbon fiber laminate gives structure while keeping ski poppy.
  • Lightweight UHMW sidewalls deliver a smooth slide through the snow.
  • Medium turn radius allows versatility in turns from trees to bowls.
  • Weight - 1570g (178)
  • Dimensions - 130 / 124 / 140 (178)
  • Profile - Rocker / Camber / Rocker
  • Construction - Sidewall Sandwich Construction
  • Core - Paulownia/Ash Wood Core, Aerospace Grade Foam, Full Carbon Laminate