K2 Wayback 88

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It’s hard to believe something this light can still deliver on the descents. The Titanal-reinforced Wayback 88 will change your opinion of featherweight touring skis. They can fly up the skin track with the best of ‘em, yet inspire confidence when the snow is variable and the descents are steep. Why hike all that way if you’re not gonna have fun on the way down?


  • All-Terrain Rocker: Skis with All-terrain rocker have a gradual rise to the tip for great versatility in all conditions, with a short, low rise in the tail for added control in variable snow
  • TI Spyne: Titanal laminate developed specifically for K2 Touring skis that dramatically increases predictability and damping on lightweight carbon constructions, while enhancing stability and edge grip.
  • Carbon Overdrive: Top secret construction using carbon fiber to make a ski even more awesome than if it did not have carbon fiber. Radness levels achieved are difficult to quantify. Product of area ’62.
  • Best for: TOURING
  • Wood Core: Paulownia Tour Lite