2022/2023 Shift 10 MNC – AT Binding

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The Atomic Shift 10 MNC is the same binding as its bigger brother – with slightly lower DIN options. It’s still the world’s first binding with full touring and freeride capability in one. It’s a genuine tech binding for hiking complete with pins. Flick the hike/ride switch to ski mode and it turns into a genuine freeride binding for the way down, compatible with all normed boots on the market – alpine and touring. No need to compromise when you’re touring or skiing the resort– either by hiking with a heavy solution like frames or skiing downhill with pins. You get the best for both. And even better, you can also use it for your alpine skiing days with your normal alpine boot. Finally, one binding for everything!



  • STEP-IN AID - Our patented step-in aid guides position your boot perfectly.
  • EASY CLIMBING AIDS - The climbing aids work separately from the heel tower. This means they can be folded forward into any heel-rotation position. With a flick of your pole, you have hassle-free and easy switching between the three climbing positions.
  • OVERSIZED PLATFORM - A super-wide platform allows for maximum lateral power transmission. We also have different platforms with different widths to choose from.
  • PROGRESSIVE TRANSFER PADS - Special inserts in the toe and heel increase dampening and forgiveness.
  • LOW-PROFILE CHASSIS - A low stand height improves your feel for the terrain and enhances power transmission to the ski.
  • TOURING BRAKES - Our light, strong brakes feature a unique lock/unlock system that helps you switch easily from hike to ski mode, and guards against you skiing with a locked brake.
  • FREESKI-BREMSEN - Self-retracting brakes for a close position to the heel so they never catch.
  • STOMP PEDAL - A fixed, wide pedal ensures the best transmission from skier to ski.
  • FORCE TRANSFER CAGE (FTC) - Our top race bindings feature a steel reinforcement cage at the toe and heel piece for maximum power transfer.
  • EDGE GRIP ALIGNMENT (EGA) - Fine-tune the position of your binding 2mm each side to adapt to your body movement and skiing style.
  • VARIABLE POSITIONING (VAR) - Move the binding along the rail to customize your position on the ski.
  • MNC (MULTI NORM CERTIFIED) - Thanks to an adjustable toe height and sliding AFD toe piece, Multi Norm certified bindings are TÜV approved for all three types of soles: DIN (ISO 5355), Touring (ISO 9523) and Walk To Ride (WTR). That means they fit every normed boot in the market.